This Earth Hour, Go beyond the Hour!


Adopt Rooftop Solar to generate your own electricity.

In simple words,

A solar power plant converts solar energy into electricity in a clean, environment friendly and efficient way, reducing dependence on conventional sources of energy.

The solar panels of a solar rooftop system are mounted on the roof of building complexes. The system is a great alternative to generate energy and is an environmentally sustainable and economically viable solution for:
- Residential societies
- Educational institutions
- Commercial and industrial buildings/offices

Did you know?

  • More power from the sun hits the earth in a single hour than humanity uses in an entire year!
  • For the entire world to be powered on solar energy, we need roughly the area of Spain to be covered with solar panels!
  • With only 75 days of sunlight hitting the sunniest regions of Germany, the country is the second largest producer of solar power in the world!
    India, on the other hand, has approximately 300 clear sunny days and the potential to harness 5,000 trillion kWh of energy per year! This is much more than the country’s total annual energy requirement!
  • By 2022, India aims to power 60 million homes on solar energy!
The government intends to produce 40% of its power from non-fossil fuels by the end of 2030 – generating 175 GW of renewable power in the country. Of this 100 GW is to come from solar.