I am just one person but I love my planet! What can I do this Earth Hour?

Just as one city with its switch-off movement could bring power to hundreds of other countries, a single voice can reach out to a million others and raise support for the environment. Lend your voice and your support to the largest environment campaign on Earth.

Switch off all your non-essential lights from 8:30pm-9:30pm on Saturday, 25 March 2017

Create your own Event!

Do you like organizing parties, marches, concerts or even simple family get-togethers? Do you have your own ideas for what you can do this Earth Hour to make people more sensitive to climate change? Then select an activity below to tell us how, when and where you are going to celebrate the hour:

Least but not the last, don’t forget to tell us what you are doing for Earth Hour 2017. We will ensure that everyone knows about the great things you’ve done for our planet.

Choose your category and event, make your pledge and also upload your pictures and videos here.

Beyond all of this, there are some things that you can anyway do to help:


Take the hour’s symbolism further and create a tangible impact!