Why Go Solar?

Most people around us use fossil-fuel generated electricity.

Is this reason enough that you should continue using conventionally produced energy? Certainly not!
We can give you a number of reasons why going solar is the smarter choice. We’re only listing a few below:

  • The Sun won’t raise its price, your regular energy provider would!

  • Setting the Rooftop Solar once, sets you free of worry for almost quarter of a century – Rooftop Solar is not high maintenance. A system once set can last you 20-25 years. It saves you time and lessens your worry!

  • You need not pay for electricity after 8 years - A rooftop solar system once installed, after the initial pay-back period, can give you free electricity for its remaining life-span, which is as long as 12-17 years!*

  • Be a Trendsetter! : Be the first in your area to have rooftop solar! Create a trend; show the world how deviating from the norm can be a good thing!

  • Be Energy Independent! : Be self reliant. Generate your own energy. There is nothing better for the planet’s health than some home-grown energy!

  • The Government supports your support for the planet: Concessions, benefits and loans are just some more perks of getting a rooftop solar installed. Learn more

  • No Noise, Air or Water Pollution: When you rely on a cleaner system to generate your electricity, you do your health and the planet a huge favor!

  • The Sun won’t go down on you: but regular electricity cuts will always leave you wondering what happened in the film next. Even as inverters give up on you in places where electricity cuts are regular, solar systems can give you stored energy that will not leave your side the night before your exam!

  • A little goes a long way: A typical solar PV powered system of 1kWp capacity can generate around 1,650 kWh of energy in a year.

    1kW= up to 6 units of electricity a day.
    1, 650 kWh of energy is enough to power about 1201 refrigerators (250L, 4 star rated) for 24 continuous hours.

    We also have a handy document for all your questions on Solar and Solar Rooftops. To know more, click here