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Imagine a life lived in darkness – no electricity, no television or phones, even studying and cooking by kerosene or candle light. Now add to this the fear of wild animals in the dark forest nearby.

More than 300 million people living in rural India do not have access to electricity or gas. And for those living on the edge of a forest, no lights outside their homes, or on their streets means the possibility of encounters with wildlife entering the village.

You and solar energy have the power to change this – and protect people and wildlife!


In the remote areas of India, where the grid is yet to reach or electricity supply is very erratic, solar energy can lead the way to safer and secure lives for both people and wildlife.

Safer streets: Solar street lights charged during the day can keep village paths and streets well-lit at night, helping reduce the chances of wild animals coming close to the village . Villagers no longer need to fear attacks on their livestock, and with wildlife keeping away from the lit-up villages, the chances of encounters with angry or scared villagers are also reduced.

Brighter homes: Solar lanterns charged during the day can be used during the night to help children study. Solar batteries and mobile chargers can bring life and connectivity to village households. With solar lights instead of fume-emitting kerosene lamps, these households will breathe easier.

Empowered women and youth: Women and youth from selected villages, trained to oversee the maintenance, repairing and operations of solar home lighting systems and solar street lights, will find a source of livelihood.

WWF-India’s Work with solar lighting systems

WWF-India has been working with governments and businesses towards using solar electric systems to empower people and protect wildlife. We believe that renewable energy is the most suitable solution to provide energy access to communities, and is the key to meet the balance between development and environment conservation. We have been working with local communities in several parts of India to provide renewable energy solutions like micro-solar power plants, solar charging stations, solar water heaters, solar water pumps, solar lanterns and solar street lights.

How have people like you helped?

With funds raised through our campaigns, Lights4Stripes and Sahastra Jyoti, among others, people like you have contributed towards amazing outcomes!

“The convenience that electricity has brought into our lives is unparalleled. I am happy to spend money to buy a battery instead of kerosene lamps because this is cleaner and safer. My children can now study longer into the evening after sunset and I hope this will lead to a brighter future for them.” - Brijesh Kumar (Hazara Tongia village)