Driving Sustainable Change: EPAM and WWF Collaborate to Help the Planet

As the world continues to face pressing environmental challenges, it is critical that businesses and organizations partner to make a difference. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has joined forces with EPAM Systems (EPAM) to help protect the planet through participation in Earth Hour on March 25, a global event organized by WWF that encourages individuals and businesses to turn off non-essential lights for one hour as a symbol of their commitment to the planet.

by Shamilka Samarasinha, Global Head CSR, EPAM Systems

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Make them change agents

The transition to a circular economy is dependent on how individuals and organisations learn to innovate and apply what they have learned in the real world. The education sector, from primary school to postgraduate study, plays a vital role in ensuring students of all ages are equipped with the key skills and knowledge to apply circular thinking in their chosen careers.

by Vishal Dev

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One Step for One Earth

The natural environment and biodiversity harbours provide vital ecosystem services for survival and well-being. Nature loss from forest, soil and water degradation threatens the varied ecosystem services which sustain us and our food security and has devastating impacts on humans and biodiversity.

by Ambreen Khan

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Biji (Grandmother) ka Tadka

As we begin the final countdown to Earth Hour 2023, I am thrilled to join WWF-India as the Goodwill Ambassador for Earth Hour India 2023 and take the cause further.

by Ranveer Brar

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High on the Himalayas
(but choking them with love)!!

Day had broken already and wanting to make the most from the first mover advantage, I decided to set off on my own to explore the surroundings. It was already dark by the time we (my family and I) had reached Chug Valley Homestay in Samtu village the previous day and I had little idea of what our surroundings looked like.

by Yash Magan Shethia

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How do you want to shape your planet?

One small step by humankind, one giant leap for the sustainability of our planet! While Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon more than five decades ago, we are yet to find new civilisations across the solar system or beyond. So the planet remains our only home for now and for the foreseeable future!

by Bhaskar Lall

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