One Step for One Earth

Ambreen Khan

The natural environment and biodiversity harbours provide vital ecosystem services for survival and well-being. Nature loss from forest, soil and water degradation threatens the varied ecosystem services which sustain us and our food security and has devastating impacts on humans and biodiversity. With this trend of overexploitation, we stand to permanently lose the free services and economic benefits from nature. Reversing biodiversity loss, preventing land degradation and adopting sustainable development pathways are critical. It is becoming apparent that biodiversity is a non-negotiable and strategic investment to preserve our health, wealth and security.

Our planet and its spectacular diversity need people everywhere and from all walks of life to work together to secure our future. Young people have the most at stake in our planet’s future. Raising collective awareness through participation, dialogue, and discussions is the need of the hour.

When it comes to bringing a revolution, every action matters. Citizens need to acknowledge their role and assume responsibility in contributing towards achieving the climate agreement commitments that their country has made to reverse the trend of nature loss.

But how?

Providing opportunities for citizens to contribute and act, remains central to WWF-India’s conservation efforts. WWF Volunteers are empowered to recognise that their voices can make a difference and have the power to transform and create an impact.

Volunteering is a way of life that offers you valuable skills and life experiences. It doesn’t matter if you are an engineer, a doctor, a student, an artist, or a homemaker- passion, intention, and commitment are all you need to make a lasting impact.

WWF-India has a fantastic opportunity that will help you step out and advocate for the Earth this Earth Hour and beyond!

Here are a few ways you can contribute:

  1. Use resources no faster than they regenerate
  2. Replace the use of exhaustible resources with renewable
  3. Do not produce more waste than nature can absorb
  4. Switch off non-essential lights at your home and office on 25th March from 8:30 pm– 9:30 pm
  5. Organise events in your college, institutions, or offices to educate others to take positive action for the planet
  6. Bring more people on board and encourage them to make a pledge for the planet
Change begins with you, believe in your power!

Volunteering is a way to make a contribution in the lives of people, community and the causes that need support. It’s a way to make a contribution towards transforming the world, and be transformed along the way.

Experience of volunteering can be even more enriching when it opens up opportunities to connect or find friends, connect with the community, learn new skills, and even advance your career.