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Switch Off for the Planet

WWF’s Earth Hour is the biggest global grassroots movement for the planet. As people from 190 countries and territories come together to switch off all non-essential lights for an hour, it shows the power of collective action.

In India, Earth Hour’s imprint keeps getting bigger every year. Iconic landmarks, public and private institutions, businesses, and communities mark the Switch Off event in perfect unison to show their support for the conservation of the planet.

The Switch Off movement continues this year on March 23, from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Let’s make this the Biggest Hour for Earth.

Video title © Kaustubh Srikanth / WWF-India

Give an Hour Doing the Things You Love

This year, WWF-India is going beyond the Switch Off movement and offering you dozens of fun ways to give an hour for Earth. Whether you’re into food, arts & creativity, sustainability, outdoor activities, fitness & wellness, or entertainment, there is a way for you to reconnect with the planet.

Watch this space for more details!


If your organization/ brand would like to support Earth Hour with WWF-India, please write in to