What can you do?

  • Ditch your car: Why drive around when you can commute by public transport. Take that extra effort and use public transport to wherever possible.
  • Share that ride: If you can’t let go of the car, ask your friends, classmates and colleagues to carpool. Save on fuel, save on your hard-earned money, make new friends and enjoy the ride. With all this, you also land up saving the planet!
  • Pedal for the planet: Revive your old cycling habits and pedal to destinations through routes that are cycle-able! By doing so, you not just cut down on the thousands of emissions, but also do a huge favour to your body!
  • Walk Walk: Thinking about driving down to the nearby mall/market? Think again. Try walking down instead. Save on that money and treat yourself to something better than an emission intensive future.
  • Drive the e-way: Thinking of buying a new car? Try an electric vehicle instead and make a statement with your brand new e-vehicle.
  • Keep your car healthy: Make it a point to get a pollution check for your car regularly. It’s as important as getting a health check-up.

Photo ©: Integrated Transport Planning Ltd, Steve Jurvetson, mattbuck