This Earth Hour #GoSolar

Need to know about rooftop solar?

Simply put, solar energy is energy generated from the sun and a solar power plant is a system that converts this energy into electricity in a clean, environment friendly and efficient way.

The solar panels of a solar rooftop system are mounted on the roof of building complexes. The system is a great alternative to generate energy for:
• Residential societies,
• Educational institutions, and
• Commercial and industrial buildings/offices

Sun on our Land

Blessed with approximately 300 clear sunny days, India is a supremely fortunate land with a potential to harness 5,000 trillion kWh of energy per year! This is much more than the country’s total annual energy requirement!

It’s all about the timing!

Yes, solar energy systems can help in reaping long term economical and ecological benefits because the time to act has never been more opportune.

Did you know?

  • The government intends to achieve the target of generating 100 GW of solar energy by 2022. Of this 40 percent is to be generated through Rooftop Solar projects alone.1
  • India together with France at the Conference of Parties in Paris, took the initiative to forge The International Solar Alliance with 121 member countries to promote solar energy.
  • Our government offers a spectrum of concessions, loans and benefits to people who want to switch to Rooftop Solar.

To help you understand how you can benefit from rooftop solar, we have a handy document here for all your questions.