United We for Change Climate Change

  •   25 Mar, 2017 10:00 AM
  •   Village- Aasayi, Block- Mahewa, Etawah, Uttar Pradesh
  •   6 Guests

Earth Hour events will start in the ravine forest area of Aasayi from 10 am and will last till 9.30 pm. First event will be an appeal through poster-paintings by the students and teachers together to the World Citizens and World Leaders to 'ACT ON CLIMATE'.
The second event will be at the evening where villagers will make a big human art by making 60+ . The film actress Mrs Preeti Srivastava and Former Bandit Queen Ms Seema Parihar will participate with villagers.
The Third event will be take place between 8.30 pm- 9.30 pm, where the villagers will switch off the unnecessary lights and power.

This whole event will be organized individually by Mr Prabhat Misra, Assistant Director-Savings, Etawah & Founder of global green movement named Red Tape Movement with the cooperation of Former village headman of Aasayi Mr Ravindra Dixit.

In 2014, EarthHour appreciated our efforts by publishing our story among the globally selected 60 best stories at https://tmblr.co/Zty-Rx1Nc6Sup.
Aasayi is located on the riverbank of River Yamuna.
Organizer's contact number is 09451544600.

Apart from these events, the DPS Etawah staff and Principal Mrs Bhavna Singh will organize the Earth Hour event in school campus at 8.30 pm.

Updates and Pics will be available on Instagram @PrabhatMisra, on Twitter at @PrabhatMisra, @RedTapeMovement, @May9CCD, on Google+ at +PrabhatMisra and on Facebook at /Prabhat.lovepeaceunity.