Support to the Campaign

WWF-India has been working extensively with local communities in the Sundarbans to provide them with renewable energy solutions that are easily available and cost effective - while reducing the pressure on surrounding forests.

“Sahastra Jyoti” or “Beacon for the Sundarbans” is a project aimed at bringing sustainable development to the Sundarbans landscape in India, by enabling energy access to 1000 households in the region - all through solar energy.

With your support, we will set up micro solar power stations for 1000 households in the Satjelia Island.

Contribute for Sahastra Jyoti

Every donation received will bring us closer to the goal of brightening up the lives of 1000 households. Your support will provide every beneficiary with 3 LED lamps, 1 fan, 1 mobile charger, 1 battery and a provision to power a 30W DC television set through an internal wiring system.