Climate change explained

Climate change, fossil fuels, energy consumption – these are terms we see floating around the internet and over the papers all the time. We also hear very often that sea levels are rising and the Earth is becoming warmer every year because of the ways in which we generate our energy and run our lifestyles.

We are already in the midst of living a life deeply impacted by climate change. Whether it is the impact on human health, rising food insecurity, depleting water supply, higher energy demand, loss of lives both human and other species alike due to extreme heat or cold, or other calamities – climate change is real.

India is one of the countries that are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change due to its vast population, expansive coastal areas and the Himalayan region and islands. India’s fight against climate change is crucial, considering the rise in carbon emissions which spells disastrous impacts for our land and our people. It is a reality we have called upon ourselves with the imprudent use of fossil fuels. According to data published by the Ministry of Earth Sciences, more than 4000 people have died due to heat waves in the last 4 years!

While the per person emission might be a miniscule footprint on the global scale, when multiplied by its population, it adds up to a huge amount of carbon dioxide.

But this is not the end. Together, we can change this.

It’s time for us to consume smart. The future of the planet is in our hands. Let’s take a stand against climate change and give up to give back to the earth.